City of Dubuque Distributions


Since it began, the DRA has been committed to returning a portion of its profits to the City of Dubuque each year. We strive to enhance our city’s economic development and improve residents’ quality of life.

When you play in Dubuque, your money stays in Dubuque. The DRA has given more than $244 million back to the city since 1985, including funding for such crucial projects as:

  • $15.68 million for Riverfront Development
  • $8.54 million for City Operations and Maintenance
  • $8.54 million for the Dubuque Industrial Center
  • $5.32 million for Park Improvements

In addition, we have given $7,692,183 to Dubuque County to make much-needed county improvements.

City Projects

Clarion Hotel Project-Tunnel to Civic Center
Arena Masking Curtain
Movable Wall Gate C-Five Flags
Five Flags Renovation Project
Five Flags Concession Stand Equip and Renovation
Five Flags Carpet Replacement
Replace Portable Staging
Replace Portable Chairs
Add Theater Fire Suppression System
Sidewalk Replacement (010/410712)
Renovate Theater Balcony
Theater – Upgrade Theater Stage Dimmer
Replace Permanent Seating in Arena
Replace Two-Way Radio System
Replace Walk-in Cooler
Replace Arena Heating/Air Conditioner
Theater/Arena – Replace Lighting Boards
Convention Center Study
Decorate Majestic & Bijou Rooms
Refurbish Grand & Upright Pianos
Theater Stage Lighting
Theater Roof
Theatre – Paint Exterior
Theatre – Brass
Replace P.A. System
Repaint Theater Exterior & Tuckpoint

Terrazzo Repair
Town Clock Tree Replacements
Town Clock Plaza-Paint and Repair Clock
Replace Trees & Grates
Lighting Town Clock
Town Clock – Renovate Clock
Town Clock Plaza and Amenities

Asbestos Project
Maintenance Headquarters – Concrete Bins
Maintenance Headquarters – Greenhouse Improvements
Maintenance Headquarters – Park Improvement
Maintenance Headquarters – Replace Main Roof
Maintenance Headquarters – Storage Building
Mechanics Building-Install Water and Sewer
Playground Improvements
Post Removal/Curb Installation
Renovate Park Sidewalks
Renovate Water Systems in Parks
Retaining Walls-Parks
Security Lights
Sidewalk – Snow Machine
Tree Nursery – Install Sidewalk

Allison Henderson Lighting
Allison Henderson Park & Pro-Shop – Replace Roofs
Allison Henderson Park Sidewalk Drainage
Allison Henderson Roller/Hockey Rink
Avon Park–Replace Light Fixtures
AY McDonald Park Development – Hawthorne St
AY McDonald Park Development – Hawthorne St – Recognition
Bi-lingual Trail Signage
Bunker Maintenance Building – Replace Wood
Comiskey Park Entry Sign
Comiskey Park Landscaping
Comiskey Park Lighting
Comiskey Park Playground Replacement
Comiskey Park Repair Siding
Comiskey Park Replace Buildings
Eagle Valley Park – Development
EPP – Replace Play Unit
EPP – Asphalt Entrance Road
EPP – Redo Entry Road & Replace Toll Booth
EPP – Repair Concrete & Replace Iron Railing at Riverfront East Porch
EPP – Replace Fence
EPP – Storm Sewer Work
EPP – Tennis Court Repairs
EPP – Trolley Line
EPP and Flora Replace Street Light Fixture
EPP Clear Trees from Bluff
EPP Improvements
EPP Repair Pavilions
EPP- Replace Windows in Terrace Room
EPP Retaining Wall
EPP – Replace Electrical Panel
EPP Riverfront Pavillion
EPP Rock Bluff Stabilization
Falk Park Renovate Playground
Fulton Play Equipment
Gateways – Port of Dubuque Signs
Ham House – Repairs
Ham House – Roof Replacement
Harvest View Slope Failure
Heron Pond – Tree Clearing
Hillcrest Park Renovation
Hilltop Park Improvements
Lincoln School – Play Unit
Marshall Park – Reconstruct Entrance
Marshall Park – Replace Restroom Building
Marshall Park Water Line
McAleece Complex – Parking Lots
McAleece Complex – Repair 10 Rows of Bleachers
McAleece Complex BMX Track
McAleece Complex Reside Building
McAleece Complex Shade Umbrellas
McAleece Park – Install Playground Equipment
Middle School – 2 Scoreboards
Mulch/Flower Replacement
Murphy Park – Asphalt Overlay Main Road
Murphy Park Fencing
Park – Replace Security Lights
Park – Security Cameras
Playground Mulch
Prescott School – Baskets & Scoreboard
Pyatigorsk Park – Parking Lot
Pyatigorsk Park Development
Replace Walk/Tower Area
Restroom – Partitions
Resurface Tennis Courts
Riley Park Development (Crescent Heights)
Riprow Valley Land Acquisition
Rollerblade Area
Roosevelt Prop – Repair Road
Schmitt Memorial – Relocate
Sealcoat Bunker Hill Rd
Sealcoat North Lot
Slattery Center – Replace HVAC
Southern Avenue Park – Playground Equipment
Table Mound School Scoreboard and Baskets
Trails – Lots – Seal Coat
Usha Park Development
Veterans Memorial Park – Replace Ball Field
Veterans Memorial Park-Replace Bleachers
Washington Middle School Basketball goals
Washington Middle School Volleyball
Washington Park Renovation
Welcome to Dubuque Sign
Welu Park Development

Flora – Construct 3 shade umbrellas
Flora – Expansion of Fence
Flora – Overlay Volleyball Courts Parking Lot
Flora – Renovate Bathhouse
Flora – Repaint Pool
Flora – Repair Cracked Gutter Wall
Flora – Sand Playground
Flora Garage Paint and Repair
Flora Overlay Main Roadway
Flora/Sutton – Bath House Improvements
Flora/Sutton – Install Expansion Joints
Flora/Sutton – Annual Maintenance
Flora/Sutton – Pool Assessment
Flora/Sutton – Pool Heaters
Flora/Sutton – Public Address Systems
Flora/Sutton – Recaulk Pool Decks
Flora/Sutton – Replace Gutter Grate
Flora/Sutton – Replace Metal Lockers
Flora/Sutton – Security Cameras
Flora/Sutton – Surge Tank
Flora/Sutton – Water Playground
Flora/Sutton Chemical Treatment / Pumps
Flora/Sutton Storage Buildings
Flora-Overlay Back Lot of Forestry Building
Flora-Patch Main Rd
Flora-Volleyball Courts
Master Plan – Schmitt Island
Sutton Pool – Resurface Parking Lot Entrance Area
Sutton Pool-Install Water Playground
Wading Pool Deck

16th Street Detention Basin Trail
Middle Road Culvert Improvement
Drain Tile Installation Program
Alta Vista Stormsewer Reconst – Street Program
Farley & High Bluff Drainage Improvements
Pierce Street Storm Sewer Lining
JFK Storm Recon – Kaufman to Rosewood
Custer/Allison Henderson Storm Sewer
Storm Water Not-For-Profit Subsidy
Stormwater Subsidy – Property Tax Exempt Properties
Stormwater Fee Assistance Program – Low Income
Stormwater Fee Assistance Program – Residential Farms
Gunite/Replacement Rock Storm Sewer
Dredge 16th Street Detention Basin

5 Pts Intersection Signal
Annual Street Program
Bee Branch Floodwall Pump Auxiliary Power Project
City Garage Replacement
City Owned Street Light Replacement
Construction Material Testing Lab Relocation Project
Corridor Study of Alternate East/West Collector Streets
Curb – Catch Basin Replacement
Decorative Concrete Maintenance
Engineering Office Expansion – 3rd Floor
Fiber Extension Conduit-3rd St HUB & Paving Projects
Fiber Optic Conduit – Project
Fiber Optic Conduit Along N. Arterial from Dodge to Hwy 52
Fiber Optic Conduit -Municipal Service Center to Kerper Blvd.
Fiber Optic Conduit-Private Subdivisions & Misc Projects
Gateways – Welcome Sign
Grove Terrace Wall
Hawthorne St. Floodwall Pump Auxiliary Power Project
Heeb Street Retaining Wall
Highway 20 – Plant Roses
Intersection Preemption
JFK Fiber Optic Conduit
Maus lake Floodwall Pump Auxiliary Power Project
Millwork District Street Scape
Northwest Arterial Bike/Hike Path
Snow & Ice Control
Stone Retaining Walls
Traffic Control Area on 3rd Floor of City Hall
Traffic Signal Mast Arm Retrofit
University Avenue – Spruce to Delhi
US52/Central Traffic Improvements
Washington Park Sidewalk
Widening US 20 from Menards to Old 20

Riverview Park RR
Miller Riverview Park-Phase II Campsite Rewiring
Miller/Riverview Park Rip Rap
Miller-Riverview Park-Roadway Paving
Miller-Riverview Park-Renovate Playground

Industrial Park Development
Eagle Window Project
Industrial Park West
Dubuque Technology Park
Kerper Industrial Park
Downtown Urban Renewl District ADA Assistance
Lighting for Seippel Road

Runway Extension 18/36
Paint Runway
New Terminal Facility
Ashpalt Pavement Repair
Paint Hanger
Corporate Hanger Facility Design
Hanger – Replace and Repair
Entrance Road Lighting
Fuel Containment
Pavement Condition Index
FBO Improvements
Rehab Maintenance/Generator Building
Pave Self Fueler Area
Naval Reserve Facility Building Assessment
Proper Flag Display
Extend General Aviation Ramp
Fencing Airport Perimeter

Additional Parking Lot Ice Harbor
Brewery Renovation
Existing Parking Lot Modifications
Grand River Center
Grand River Center Kitchen Equipment
Grand River Center Level Floors
Grand River Center Maintenance
Grand River Center Outdoor Furniture Replacement
Grand River Center Paint
Grand River Center Paint Bridge
Grand River Center Recycling Containers
Grand River Center Replace Carpet
Grand River Center Replace Clouds
Grand River Center Replace Electric Floor Boxes
Grand River Center River Room Cool Study
Grand River Center Upgrade AV Equipment/Wireless
Grand River Center Window Cleaning System
Harbor Maintenance
Heritage Trail Riverfront System
Ice Harbor/Port of Dubuque Utilities
Mississippi Riverwalk & Amenities
Port of DBQ Development Standards Implementation Asst
Port of Dubuque – Property Acquisition
Port of Dubuque Fiber Optics for Peninsula
Port of Dubuque Plaza Phase I
Port of Dubuque Marina Security Cameras
Relocate/Add Storm Sewer in Ice Harbor
Riverfront Dev. Study 2000/Ice Harbor Master Plan
Riverfront Leasehold Improvements
Riverwalk – Security Cameras
Shot Tower Renovation
Tourism Signage
Transient Boat Dock Facility – Ice Harbor
USS Dubuque Bell Display
Transient Boat Dock Facility – Main Channel

Fire Headquarters Elevator
Fire Dept. Pumper Replacement and Ladder Truck
Fire Storage Building-Station #4 University
Fire-Intersection Pre-emption System
Fire-Interior Maint./Sump Pit for Station #5
Fire-Interior Repairs-Station #4
Fire-Interior Improvements-Station #2
Fire Stations-Fiber Optic System
Fire-Exterior Improvements-Station #4 University
Fire-Mechanical Improvements-Station #2 JFK Road
Fire-Exterior Improvements-Station #3-32nd & Central
Fire-Training Center Fire Simulator
Fire-Mobile Data Terminals & Wireless Network
Fire – Exterior Improvements – Station #2
Fire – Interior Improvements – Fire Headquarters
Mobile Communications Computer Replacements
K-9 Vehicle Replacement
Police – Body Cameras
Police – Vehicles/Equipment
Police – SAN/POE
Siren and Light Module Replacements
In-Car Video Recorders
Tactical Deploy Vehicle
Antique Fire Truck
911 Center Needs Analysis Study
Police/CAD Software Replacement

18th Street Building Improvements
Accessibility Building Modification
Additional Storage for the Existing Storage Area Network
All America City Award
America’s River Corporation
Annexation Study Implementation Study
Backbone Upgrade 10G
Building Services Office Remodeling
Bus Stop Improvements
Business Continuity for Servers /Disaster Recovery
City Hall Annex Roof and Gutters
City Hall Tuckpointing
Community Health Center Funding
Computer/Printer/Software Replacements
Conversion of Phone System
Comprehensive Plan Update
Data Domain Upgrade
Deduplication San Backup
Demolition of United Rental Building/Construct parking lot
Document Imaging System for City
Dubuque Community Ice Arena
Equipment Replacement
Federal Building Renovation/Housing Dept 3rd floor renovation
Finance Software Upgrades
Gaming Rent Shortfall
GIS Enhancements
GIS Implementation & Flyover
Grand Opera House – Replace Message Center
Groupwise E-Mail and Calendaring System
Health Insurance Reserve/General Fund Reserve
Historic District Public Improvement Plan
Historic Preservation Techical Assistance
Historic/Archeological Surveys and Evaluation
Homeownership Grants
HVAC Library
Install 5 Elect Pole Shed
Kephart’s Building Improvements
Kerper Boulvard Fiber Optics and Cameras
Laserfiche Full User License
Legal Services
Library Backup Lighting
Library RFID Project
Library Computer Upgrade
Library Roof Replacement
Library Sanitary Line
Main Street – Purchase Table and Chairs
Maintenance of Abandoned and Vacant Properties
Mobile Vision Server
Multicultural Family Center Improvements
Multifunction Copier/Scanner/Fax/Printer Machines
Municipal Service Center Replace LED Lighting
Neighborhood Grants
Neighborhood Resource Center
Parking Fund Debt Service – Downtown Parking Ramps
Permit Tracking Software
Replace Fixed Route Buses
Replace Radio Equipment
Sanitary Sewer Connection Assistance Low/Moderate Income
Sidewalk Replacement – City Owned
Structured Wiring Upgrade
Sustainability Initiative
Utility Franchise Analysis
Virtual Tape Library
Workforce Development
Zoning Code Update

Dubuque Racing Association