The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) mission is to raise awareness regarding the high incidence of farm injuries and fatalities, increase knowledge of the serious nature of agricultural injuries and their causes, and to teach communities about the difficulty of conducting on-farm rescues.

The current manikins, which were on-hand at the time of program development, were designed for tractor rollover simulations, not liquid immersion. The adult and child replacement manikins are more durable and will serve the dual purpose as CPR training manikins.

The purchase of the manikins will ensure the quality of NECAS manure pit simulation programming continues at the high levels expected by fire/EMS personnel who are receiving this training. The dual purpose of being designed for CPR training will enhance the curriculum NECAS can offer to agricultural workers. The simulator immerses manikins in clean water made to look like manure.

The use of livestock confinement systems and large capacity, on-farm, liquid manure storage facilities are a well-established practice in Iowa and the broader Midwest. While liquid manure storage facilities are less demanding on agricultural workers’ time, they present a number of hazards including drowning, exposure to harmful gasses, and asphyxiation. The NECAS manure pit simulation program teaches agricultural workers how to prevent a foaming manure explosion and how to safely enter a manure pit.

National Education Center for Agricultural Safety $1,889 Safety Training Manikins for Manure Pit Rescue
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