It has grown to include the highly successful Iowa Mission of Mercy, a free, large-scale dental clinic held each year in different cities in the state of Iowa. In addition, in the first quarter of 2016, the IDF will be piloting a new donated dental program for underserved children age 5 to 18. The program will roll out statewide by the end of 2016.

The purpose of Iowa Mission of Mercy is to identify and address a patient’s most acute, immediate dental needs. Patients attending Iowa Mission of Mercy will receive services including health and dental screening, and referral to the service most needed: hygiene, pediatrics, restorative/endodontic, oral surgery, or lab services. Patients will also receive free post-operative prescriptions, resources for free follow-up care within 30 days of treatment and information about appropriate oral health and hygiene. A resource booklet is provided to patients with information about taking care of their teeth, their children’s teeth and resources for free or low-cost oral care.

IOWA DENTAL FOUNDATION $12,500 Mission of Mercy
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