The DRA Future Fund is designed to assist communities in the development of social, cultural, recreational, entertainment, and educational opportunities and programs. These opportunities and programs position a community to take advantage of opportunities and strengthen a community’s competitiveness as a place to work and live.

An overview of the guidelines for eligibility include; 501(c) 3 status, minimum $1,000,000 project, demonstrated local support and financial need, located within Dubuque county or counties contiguous to Dubuque (priority given to Dubuque projects), and a minimum 50% match. Governmental entities would not be eligible by themselves, but would be encouraged to create partnerships with community organizations similar to the America’s River Corp., a partnership formed for river front development. An organization receiving funding is not eligible for any other DRA grants while receiving funds from the DRA Future Fund. Start-up costs would be limited to no more than one-year operating expenses.

Funds may not be used to refinance an existing loan, fund ongoing operating expenses, endowments, or scholarships; or fund a project that has previously received financial assistance under the DRA Future Fund unless a significant expansion of the project is demonstrated.The minimum amount that can be requested is $250,000.

Mystique Community Ice Center – $1,390,000
Dubuque County Firefighters Regional Emergency Responder Training Facility – $750,000
Crescent Community Health Center – $500,000

Future fund applications are not being accepted at this time. Please check back at a later date for more information.

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