The Dubuque Food Pantry was founded by DACU (Dubuque Area Congregations United) to provide food and non-food items for needy persons of the Dubuque area. The number of requests continues to grow each year. The mission of the Pantry has remained constant over the years, providing a unique stability. In so doing, they provide a variety of food items; frozen & canned meats, fish, fruits & vegetables, cereal, pasta, eggs and dairy products. They also provide paper products, soaps, toiletry articles and baby supplies.

This year they are focusing on “Total Healthy Living”. Wellness in all areas of life. They want to provide as many nutritional foods as possible, especially in the form of fresh/frozen produce, eggs, dairy products and meats. Another objective is people’s wellbeing: being able to supply hygiene products, laundry and cleaning supplies to our clients.

Dubuque Food Pantry $15,000 Total Wellness
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