The vision of a community health center to provide medical and dental services to underserved individuals and families began taking shape in the late 1990s. Located on Washington and Elm streets in the Washington Neighborhood, Crescent Community Health Center opened their doors to patients on a limited basis in 2006. They were able to open due to the large amount of support received by the DRA, who granted the Crescent Community Health Center Future Fund grant of $500,000. Because of the DRA, the Crescent Community Health Center is able to stand behind their mission statement the Crescent Community Health Center exists to improve and maintain the health and well-being of our communities by providing affordable, client-friendly and comprehensive, high-quality healthcare services in collaboration with other community organizations and resources.

Standing behind their mission statement, the Crescent Community Health Center has cared for over 8,000 medical and dental visits between January and October of 2008. 40% of patients are under the age of 18 and almost 40% of their patients qualify for the maximum discount on the sliding fee scale. The nurse practitioners, dentists, and doctors have seen patients from up to 2 1/2 hours away from Dubuque.

The DRA future fund money that was awarded to the healthcare center has done offered many benefits for the tri-state area. Offering quality healthcare to all, providing a “medial home” for those that have none, bring jobs to the Dubuque community, and much more are all benefits this facility offers to the tri-states area. Julie Woodyard, Executive Director of the Crescent Community Health Center stated, “The DRA not only helped us get on our feet, but it has also helped thousands of people, young and old, yearly get medical care that is very much needed.”

Crescent Community Health Center – $500,000
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