The mission of Camp Courageous is to provide year-round recreational and respite care opportunities for individuals with special needs of all types and ages and their families. It also includes an emergency respite care program for individuals with disabilities. This program gives care givers true peace of mind knowing, in a time a crisis, there is a safe environment to take their loved one. ¬†Activities for campers range from horseback riding and animal care, caving, climbing and rappelling the bluffs of Picture Rocks Park, swimming in the indoor pool, traveling to places like Murphy Park in Dubuque to view the Hillcrest Reflections in the Park, to canoeing, paddle boating, arts and crafts, the Burma Bridge, the camp zipline, climbing a tree ( even when confined to a wheelchair,) the new indoor playground, nature and gym activities and much more—all dedicated to campers with special needs.

The purpose of the Camp Courageous Bowling Alley Project is to provide another safe environment for campers to play, interact socially, and engage in physical activity. This bowling alley will be accessible year-round in all types of weather and will be modified to make it accessible for individuals with all types of disabilities.

CAMP COURAGEOUS $20,000 Bowing Alley
Dubuque Racing Association