The Boys & Girls Club provides programs and activities for Dubuque-area youth promoting health, social, educational, cultural, leadership and character development.

They are concerned with all youth, especially those with disadvantaged circumstances. This encompasses children who are economically, socially, educationally, and physically disadvantaged. They are concerned with emotional behavior, and try to positively influence the attitudes of youth through wholesome, constructive programs and activities in health, physical, vocational, and small group programs.

Presently, they have a system of lighting that utilizes ballasts. This is an extremely inefficient way of utilizing the energy and dollars at the Club. After doing a cost analysis the club will be using approximately 1/3 of the energy presently utilizes at the Club. By going green with the lighting, they are doing their part as it relates to becoming a greener organization and community.

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque $15,000 Going Green Energy Saving Project
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