Guidelines for Sponsorship and Donation Requests:

  • All organizations requesting funds must complete the online sponsorship application
  • Q Casino Sponsorship Applications must be submitted 6 weeks prior to the event
  • Q Casino will consider all sponsorship requests on a case-by-case basis
  • Events must re-apply for sponsorship each year. An event that has been funded in the past is not guaranteed annual funding

We Will Consider Sponsoring the Following Types of Events:

  • Public events that benefit the community
  • Awareness or fundraising events for non-profits

We Will Not Sponsor the Following Types of Events:

  • Personal benefit fundraisers or events
  • For-profit business events, including parties and campaigns
  • Fundraising events that take place outside the tri-state area

*Please Note: An application to the DRA Grant Award Program is not considered a sponsorship request.

CLICK HERE to fill out an online sponsorship application.

CLICK HERE to fill out an saved sponsorship application


Dubuque Racing Association